Google AdSense is one of the easiest ways to earn money online through your websites, blogs and online services. AdSense is also the most paying PPC program and has been beating it’s competitors by a huge margin. However, getting approved by AdSense takes some time, and I recommend you to read this guide before going to sign up for AdSense.

AdSense Payout Guide

There are several guides and articles available online on Google AdSense payout, I’m also sharing my experience with AdSense payout and hope it’s gonna help you if you’re starting up with AdSense. The rest of this article covers the different aspects of AdSense Payment threshold, PIN and address verification, Payment methods and more.

AdSense verification threshold and PIN verification

AdSense needs a threshold amount of $10 to send a PIN to you to verify your address to receive AdSense checks / cheques. After getting approved by AdSense, create and place ads on your website and wait till the generated revenue reaches $10. When the revenue reaches the verification threshold amount, AdSense will send you a PIN to the address you’ve filled in your AdSense account details.

Now fill in your AdSense PIN in the asked fields in your account to verify your address.

Alternative to AdSense PIN verification

Many people complaint that they didn’t receive any PIN from AdSense and ask how they can verify their address, is there an alternative to the PIN verification for Adsense? Yes, there is another way to verify your address for AdSense payments, i.e. by sending the AdSense team your Identity and address proofs.

But note, as per AdSense, this can be done only if you’ve requested your maximum of 3 PINs and haven’t received any of them within 4 weeks of your last PIN request. In such a case, you’ll see a notice on your AdSense account homepage with instructions on how to send the AdSense team your official documents to prove your address.

For the alternate PIN verification, you may attach digital copy of the your identity proof (such as Driving License, Passport, Voter Card, Smart Card, Aadhar Card etc.) and address proof (such as Bank Statement, Telephone Bill, Ration Card etc.) and mail them to the AdSense team as directed by them in the notice in your account. They will verify your address in a few hours.

AdSense Payment Options

AdSense pays through check (cheque), EFT, Western Union Quick Cash (WUQC). Check is the standard option available for all the countries and locations for payouts whereas EFT and WUQC are available for a few countries (list of countries where AdSense offers EFT).

Google is planning to discontinue payouts via check in the countries where it supports payments via EFT and WUQC.

Other than check, EFT and WUQC; AdSense supports payments via Rapida in Russia and Fapiao in China.

Note: In India, Google basically delivers pay checks via Bluedart courier service. If you live in an area where this courier’s service is not available, then you will receive your check via Speed post. Same applies for the publishers living in other countries, if the standard courier used by AdSense is not available in your city, no need to worry, you’ll receive it via Normal speed post or similar.

How much it takes to get checks from AdSense?

AdSense pays it’s publishers on a monthly basis. The revenue you’ve earned in a month will be issued as CitiBank check till 25th of the next month. The minimum account needed to get an AdSense check issued is $100.

You may see your payment details in AdSense Payment Details section, which shows you the payment number, payment type, check number, issued date, currency exchange rate and payment amount.

AdSense Payment Details

The check may reach you depending upon the standard courier service used by AdSense to deliver checks in your country. It may take 5-14 days from payment issue date in general.

If you’ve opted into get paid via EFT, they will deposit your payment directly to your Bank account in your local currency. It may take a day since the payment is issued to get the money via EFT.

With WUQC, you have to wait for 24 hours after the payment is issued, to receive the MTCN in your AdSense payment history details. Now, go to any Western Union agent, show your Identity proof and withdraw money in a few minutes with the help of the MTCN you got from AdSense. This will cost some processing fee from WUQC added with some currency conversion charges.

What an AdSense check looks like?

As told above, Google pays via CitiBank checks which looks exactly like below:

You may have seen different, green-colored CitiBank checks previously, but the above one is the new check format by them.

This is all you need to know about AdSense payouts, and I hope you got benefited through this guide. Let me know any point that you think I missed. Share your AdSense experience with us via comments.

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