Godaddy is one of those rare Domain registrar & Hosting companies that allow you to pay via Net Banking (NetBanking) also. However, users sometimes find it difficult to pay them using NetBanking. So, here is the simplest tutorial that guides you how to pay via Internet Banking.

Start off by signing in to your existing account or create a new Godaddy account here.

Note: Before going further, make sure you have selected INR (Rupee) as your currency at the Godaddy site (see currency options at the footer section of Godaddy site). You need not to worry about the country as Godaddy automatically sets the country option for you.

Readers from other countries should also check if Godaddy supports payment via Internet Banking in their country too. If so, follow the rest of the tutorial to pay, but except selecting the currency as INR, select currency of your country.

Godaddy Payment currency

Now, assuming you’ve added a Godaddy product (domain name or web hosting) to your cart, checkout to continue payment procedure.

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You are on the Payment page now.

  1. Just choose the Net Banking from the given payment options.
  2. Next, provide your billing information.
  3. Click the “Place Your Order” button at the right.

Godaddy NetBanking Payment

After that, you will be redirected to a Payment gateway.

  1. Provide your billing details one more time.
  2. Then again, select NetBanking (Direct Debit To Bank Accounts) from the Payment Mode drop-down in the Payment Details section
  3. Then select your bank from the so appeared drop-down at the right.
  4. Finally, click the “Submit” button.

Godaddy Payment Gateway

After clicking submit, you’ll be forwarded to your NetBanking website, where you can login with your NetBanking credentials provided by your bank, and confirm the payment. Easy! Hope you found the tut useful.