Facebook chat is pretty famous among chit-chatters and social media freaks. Just sign into Facebook, start a chat, a group chat, go offline being signed into Facebook, send files in the chat, or go offline to certain people.

In a recent article, we discussed how to hide your Facebook status from certain people, and in this post, we’re going to hit how to go invisible or offline to certain people on Facebook. It’s really easy to become invisible to specific friends on Facebook chat, all you need is to follow below mentioned simple steps:

  1. Sign into your Facebook account. Sign into your chat if you’re offline.
  2. Click on that friend name in the chat sidebar, to whom you want to become offline.
  3. We’re going to play with Facebook chat settings to go invisible to specific people. You must be seeing the chat popup right now. In the chat popup, click that second “gear” or settings icon in the right corner. It will give your a drop list with some options like Add friends to chat, See full conversation, Go offline to [your friend name] etc. Below screenshot demonstrate the step:

    Go offline to certain friends on Facebook

    Since Facebook has updated the chat system a little bit, you might have been seeing options as below:

    Go offline to certain friends on Facebook

    Just click that Go offline to… or Turn of chat for… option (whichever you’re seeing in the list). That’s it. You’re now offline to that Facebook friend unless you click “Go online to…” link in your Facebook chat popup.

Similarly, you can go offline to as many people as you want. I hope you find it useful.