Facebook enables it’s users to communicate in multiple forms via SMS, IMs and email as well.
You might be wondering how can I get a Facebook email ID i.e. me@facebook.com? Is it possible or not? Possible. Facebook do provides its users the e-mail address matching their public usernames i.e. username@facebook.com and it is completely optional. If you do not have a facebook e-mail id yet, you can claim yours by following below steps:

facebook email id

  • Setting up your Facebook email requires an invitation, which can be requested by visiting Facebook Messages. Click on the green button showing “Request an Invitation”. You’ll receive a message shortly about receiving an invite soon.
  • You’ll receive the invitation as a notification “Check out new Facebook Messages“. Clicking on this notification will bring you to Messages.
  • Click on the link labeling “Claim your Facebook e-mail“.
  • If you have a public username on Facebook like http://www.facebook.com/username, you will get an automatic Facebook email address after clicking the claim link i.e username@facebook.com, else you’ll get options to choose your username.
  • After setting up things and clicking “Activate Email“, a dialog box will appear saying “You’re now ready to use username@facebook.com“.
  • Clicking “Next” will bring you to “Turn on text messaging“, which you can activate or skip, as you wish.
  • Finally, you’re now ready to use your Facebook email.

Now, share this new email address with your friends and start emailing with it. You can compose a new email by clicking “New Message” in Messages section of your Facebook account. Use the rest of the fields like you do with other email services. You can use the “To” field to mail your Facebook friends by typing in their names (and choosing them from the auto drop-down), you can also type in an email address in this field. However, you will miss the typical Subject, CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind CC) fields in the new Facebook email. No doubt that services like Facebook Messaging and Shortmail by Twitter bypass the classic emailing and represent the future of minimalism on web.