Cricket fans want to stay updated with the scores of every match of their favorite teams, either through the live action on TV or internet, online score or via SMS updates. People who can’t afford time for the live Cricket, generally use some SMS alert plans from their telecom service providers.

Basically, you have to pay on a monthly basis to get such sports alerts on your mobile. But why pay to your service provider, when you can get cricket score alerts for almost free!

How can I get free Cricket score alerts via SMS?

Well, I know a service that offers free alerts for many interest, and so for Cricket. The service is TXTWeb, which I also covered in a previous post. We will be using TXTWeb to get score updates on mobile.

free cricket score alerts

You are just an SMS away from receiving Cricket score SMS alerts for free. Just send @cricket to 9243343000 and done! This will charge you a standard SMS cost (Rs. 1.5 in my case) and you will start receiving latest Cricket score updates from now on your mobile for FREE!

What more? Can I get more Cricket stuff for free?

Yes, you can. TXTWeb has more services for you to get more on cricket delivered to you via free SMS. I’m listing the service keywords, that you have to send to 9243343000 to get the particular service activated for your mobile:

  1. For latest cricket news
  2. @cricket.results: For recent match results
  3. @cricket.schedule: For international match schedules
  4. @cricket.india: For scores of matches played by India only
  5. @cricket.full team-name: To get detailed scorecard of a particular match. eg. @cricket.full Australia

To stop receiving the SMS alerts, just send STOP service keyword to 9243343000. I hope you enjoyed the article. Let me know your way to get free scores.