I’ve noticed a lot of people start a new blog on blogspot (as blogspot or blogger based blogs rank pretty well as compared to other blogs, IDK why?), copy content from other blogs and sites and put it on their blog. They hid their own profiles and other contact information to avoid the content owners to contact them.

I was in a similar situation a few months ago. I’m sharing here how I discovered the owner’s information on Blogger or blogspot based blogs for contact purposes. I did that to contact blog owners for content takedowns, but the purpose of the contact could be anything other than that, i.e. advertising, guest posting, or any other query.

This article explains how to dig in and find the owner’s information of a Blogspot / Blogger blog owner for contact purpose.

Spotting the owner of a blogspot

  • Look for the blogger profile widget of the owner on the blog. The widget will lead you to the Blogger profile page of the owner where you may find a lot of contact info about him/her.

    If you’re not able to locate a blogger profile widget there, just view source and find the string: “blogger.com/profile“, you’ll get a URL like this: http://www.blogger.com/profile/16692502814749890386

    Find Blogger Profile
    Just visit this URL and you’ll be on the owner’s Blogger profile.

  • Look on and around the blog for any email that reaches the owner.
  • Look up the blog for social links of the blogspot owner or blog itself, eg. a Facebook profile or page, Google+ page, Twitter account etc.
  • Do a WHOIS lookup if the blog owner is using a custom Blogger domain. That may also give you the email of the owner.
  • If you found nothing, just leave a comment on the posts of that blog with your message.

Hope this has helped :)