You might have seen people who have huge earnings online and they prove it to the people by providing screenshots and screencasts also. Not all, but some people on web fake their online earnings to grab attention, sale products, increase reader base and followers etc. This is an eye-opener post, how people fake their online earnings to fool others.

Online Screenshot fakes: Behind the scenes

This post has nothing to do with any individual, it’s just about how people fool people online through fake screen captures. It’s not a tutorial to fake things, but a revelation or light-thrower on one of such activities.

I don’t want to show fake screenshot of others here, nor I know any screenshot faker software. I’m telling you about a simple JavaScript that edits the on-screen content. Just copy the below JavaScript and paste it in your web browser’s address bar and hit the return key:

javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true';document.designMode='on';void 0;

If this doesn’t work, follow like below:

  • Mozilla Firefox users, go to Tools » Web Developer » Scratchpad, paste the script and choose Execute » Run
  • Google Chrome users, Tools » JavaScript Console, paste the script and press return key

The above JavaScript enables users to fancy-edit any website on their end, and it won’t affect the website originally as the editing is enabled on the client side only.

Check out some more funny JavaScripts

This is how the edited screen will look, and how they turn-off the browser’s spell-check red lines:

Note: Don’t get amazed by the earnings shown in above screen capture, it’s all fake!

Once the website is available in editable mode, rest is the number game. Fakers manipulate the original statistics, put in the fake data and capture that screen to show others.

I have noticed some “money makers” show overly faked data to the readers. So, readers! Don’t believe something on the basis of just screenshots, make a research on your own, not on what others say, then calculate and take decision. Hope this has helped.