Have you ever wondered how your Facebook timeline appears to others in your network? Well, this question basically comes in mind while thinking of our Facebook profile privacy.

Privacy is the major concern while using social sites like Facebook. Viewing your profile as someone else can be a measure to know what others can see on your timeline. You may take help of a friend to figure this out, but actually, Facebook offers a feature called View as to view your timeline as someone else in your friend list.

How to use this “View as” Facebook feature?

On the top-right in the typical navy-blue Facebook navigation bar, there exists a “lock” icon which gives you quick Privacy Settings dropdown list. Click this icon to bring the list, click the section Who can see my stuff, it will slide a list a bit more, now click the View as in there, as show in the screenshot:

who can see my stuff on facebook

On clicking that View as link, you’ll be redirected to a page as shown below:

View Facebook timeline as specific person

Now, click on that white-highlighted View as specific person link. It’ll show a textbox, in which you have to type the name of your friend as whom you want to see your timeline, select that friend from the dropdown list so appeared.

View timeline as your friends

See, you are viewing your profile as someone else! But note: while viewing your timeline as someone else, you can’t see the comment, like or sharing options on your timeline as it’s still your profile and you can’t do these things as your friends.

Now, notice what is visible, and what you still have to hide from your friends :)