I was receiving this annoying error on my Facebook profile Timeline from a couple of hours, that says “Sorry, but this page didn’t load properly. Please try again.” I was not much worried about it, as I can access all of my other stuff like photos, videos, activity, status notifications etc.

Facebook Timeline Error
This is how the Timeline error looks like

What causes this error? How can it be fixed? This post wraps up almost everything about that.

Cause that produces the error

Firstly, this error may happen to both kind of Facebook timelines: the profile as well as the page. People on internet figured out some of the reasons like Internet connection problems, Computer virus, Profile hacked etc. due to which you may experience this error, but they are wrong.

So, what is it that is causing the problem? Well, it’s Facebook itself. Actually, Facebook performs a regular maintenance of profile and page timelines, that also included bug fixes, worm removal, outage fixes etc. Sometimes, Facebook is unable to provide you with all of your data, specifically the Timeline view in this case – and you see the error that we are discussing.


Folks at Facebook community threads have mentioned some solutions like viewing profile as different person may fix this problem. Doing similar thing with pages, using Facebook as that page will sort it out. Some also said that remove the app that is showing last post on your Timeline and it will be fixed.

However, nothing worked for me, but you are free to try these tricks. I guess these tricks won’t work as the problem is from the back-end, i.e. Facebook.

How I fixed it for my Facebook Timeline?

I waited for sometime, and it got fixed by itself. This proves the error was definitely appeared due to the maintenance running on Facebook servers, and my profile was one of those that may be experiencing the data unavailability due to that.

Still, if you think this problem is getting serious at your end, you should contact Facebook support immediately and report this error.