Facebook has added another feature to it’s pages, the comment reply links that makes conversations more easy and effective. After turning on comment reply links on your page, your and your fans can have more effective conversations in a threaded manner. Here is how to enable the reply links for your Facebook page without installing anything, since it’s all official now.

Facebook Pages Threaded comments: features and activation

You may have already seen threaded comments with reply feature enabled on certain Facebook pages. Below is a screenshot how conversations on Facebook pages will look from now.

Facebook threaded comments

Threaded comments on Facebook pages
Source: LA Times

What more with Threaded comments? Not only will it help to reply to commenters on your page, but will also enable people to give complete feedback. The comments can also be rated and ranked with this new feature. The number of likes and replies to a comment will help it rank at the top and the opposite for the negative rated comment. Also, the connections to another person participating in the thread may cause a comment to move up. That’s neat!

Enabling threaded comments on your Facebook pae

Enabling the comment reply feature on your Facebook page is very easy, just go to your Facebook page, you’ll see a notice on your Facebook page about this new feature (see screenshot).

Enabling Comment reply link on Facebook

Just press that Turn On Replies button there, and that’s it! The comments on your new posts on the page will have a reply link.

Note: If you can’t see any message about Reply link feature on your page, you need to wait for a few more days to get this feature activated for your page.