Facebook emoticons are generally used in chat and comments, because they display in chat and comments only. To put a smiley in a Facebook status, people add a text smiley, i.e. :) :( :D etc. in it to make it more expressive. But you know, unlike comments and chat, smileys don’t display on Facebook status.

Recently, Facebook has added an emoticon option to status updates, and you may add one of your choice from the selective list of emoticons in your status! Here is how it looks like:

Facebook status smileys

And here is how to use this feature and express more through your FB status ;)

How can I put emoticons to my Facebook status?

Well, this new feature for Facebook status is available to all and requires no apps or extensions to install. There are no special tricks involved since the feature is officially provided by Facebook itself. So, lets add emoticons to our Facebook status.

Just type in something in the status box, and click that smiley icon besides the photo icon in the status toolbar. You’ll see a dropdown showing a variety of options like Feeling, Watching, Reading, Listening to, Drinking, Eating; choose Feeling from the list.

Facebook status emoticons

Another list will show up including a collection of different emoticons with different moods. Choose the one, and it will be added to your status prefixed by the mood. Now, update you status or choose a different smiley as you like.

Smileys in Facebook status

Can I add my own emoticons to Facebook status?

You may choose a smiley from the existing, default set of Facebook emoticons, but with a different / custom mood (if that doesn’t exist in the list). To add a custom mood, just choose Feeling through the smiley icon in the status toolbar, and type in your custom mood. Hit enter. Choose a smiley for it from the existing set. Update the status.

Custom Emoticon for Facebook status

I think this feature has added a bit more expressiveness to Facebook statuses, and people on Facebook are more expressive than before. Let me know what do you think of this.