On Thursday June 2014, Facebook started showing this error message to many of its users. The error reads exactly like below:

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

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Now on 1st August, its down again in many parts of Asia and USA. Facebook power users must be badly missing posting things on their Facebook timeline.

Back in November 2013, Facebook prompted a Timeline error which was fixed soon. But in this very case, people can’t even see their News feed, they just see this error whenever they request any Facebook URL in their browser:

Sorry, something went wrong

What caused this error?

Note that this error is not caused due to a security issue at your side, there are other reasons of its occurrence. It could be caused due to a server outage, an application bug, or even a hack attempt prevention measure by Facebook security team.

Facebook users have already experienced the same issue in 2011 when an application bug reflected the ditto error to most of the people.

Do you need to worry?

Probably not, as the security team there at Facebook work 24×7 to shield your account from hackers. There are 99% chances that you will get your account back without losing any data (like pics, videos and statuses).

How to fix it?

Well, as it is a service issue, you are required to do nothing but just wait. Its the Facebook team who will fix this error for you. We’ll keep you posted on what exactly is responsible for this error and what Facebook is doing about it.

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15 June: Facebook is currently up on my side (India). But still its down in many parts of the world.
16 June: Facebook has completely fixed this problem as of now. Everything looks good now on Facebook.
01 Aug: Facebook started reflecting the same error again.