Facebook has added a brand new feature to it’s photo albums through which you can add other people as contributors to your Photo albums. In more simpler words, you can allow others to upload photos in an album created by you. This guide throws light on how to do that in minimum possible steps.

Shared Photo Album on Facebook: Step-by-step

When creating a new photo album on Facebook, you can now see a “Make Shared Album” link in there. By clicking this link, you can add people in your network as contributors to an album.

1. Create new or edit an existing album and click the “Make Share Album” button in the top-left side of your album.

Make Share Photo Album on Facebook

2 Type name of people in your network to add them as contributors, modify the privacy as you want (defaults are recommended) and save changes. All done! Super easy.

Add Contributors to Facebook Photo Album

Note that you can’t add contributors to your Timeline photo album and Profile photo album. So, start adding friends to your albums and enjoy uploads from them in a single album.