Do you know that everything you search on Facebook is recorded and logged? For example; if you search the term “techably” on Facebook, it will be saved in your Activity log.

Note that no one else except you can view your Activity logs, so you need not to worry about your searches getting exposed to the other people.

But still, for some reasons, you may want to control (view or erase) your Facebook Search History logs. Below are the steps that let you do that in just a few seconds.

Controlling Facebook Search Activity

In order to view and delete your Facebook Search activity logs, you’ll need to navigate to the Activity feed in your account and then click the “Search” section there. A quick shortcut to directly land on the search logs is to visit the following URL:

Your search logs would look similar to as shown in the below screenshot:

Facebook Search Activity Logs
Clear all the history or delete one-by-one

After viewing the screenshot above, you might have already got what it takes to clear what needs to get cleared. You may clear all the logs in one go or may also delete particular logs. Hope you enjoyed the post :)