A friend of mine asked me few days ago, how to set the Facebook profile pic to private mode so that no one can see it in full size i.e. in theater view (Facebook image viewer). You too may have noticed some people in your friend list pics of whom are not visible in full theater view.

People, especially girls, want extra privacy with their photos on social networks. There is always a fear of theft and misuse of personal photos, and we’ve seen such cases so many times on Facebook itself. So, it becomes important to protect your personal information from wrong people, and protecting Facebook profile pics is one of those measures.

No big tricks involved in achieving that, you just need to play with the privacy settings of your photos.

All of our Facebook profile pics are public in nature by default and are saved in a separate photo album called Profile pictures, and you can’t change the privacy settings of this whole album at once, you need to set the privacy of the individual images in this album one-by-one.

So, all you need is to follow the below steps to make your Facebook profile pics partially invisible to others:

  1. Log into your Facebook account and go to your Profile Pictures album.
  2. Click on each photo to view it full. One the top-right of the pic, click the Edit button.

    Privacy of Facebook profile pic

  3. Now, set the privacy of your Profile pic as per your need. You may set it visible to your friends only, Close friends or “Only me” i.e. yourself.

    Make Facebook profile pic private

  4. Click Done Editing button and you’re done!

From now, Facebook will show the small version of your Facebook profile pic publicly, and won’t show the full pic when this small profile pic will be clicked. The full pic will only be visible to those who come under the privacy level you just set with your photos. Hope you liked the article. Also see how to hide Facebook friend list.