You may already know that Facebook allows you to upload unlimited number of photos and you don’t have to care about the storage, bandwidth, access and all they take. But in case you want to display your specific Facebook photos directly on your blog, we’re about to know how to do it!

Well, it’s not a rocket science to show your specific photos from Facebook on your blog or site. It’s just a little play with the URL of your Facebook pic.

Note: We’re going to hotlink Facebook photos, and it is nothing to do with someone’s privacy. If one really care about his/her privacy, they should be serious with their Facebook Privacy as well.

Follow the below given steps to show your Facebook Photo on your website:

  • Just go to your that specific photo on Facebook.
  • Right-click it and copy the image URL.
    Copying Facebook Photo URL
  • Now replace YOUR_PHOTO_URL with the copied URL in the below code.
    <img src="YOUR_PHOTO_URL" />

    After replacement, put the modified code anywhere on your site or blog where you want to display your Facebook photo. Note: All this has to be done in HTML mode only.

    If you’re showing your images in blog posts, then your should go to your post editor, turn it to HTML mode, and then paste the modified code.

Below is an application of all the above steps, this image is directly fetched from Facebook:

image fetched from Facebook

I hope you enjoyed the trick. Thanks for reading.