Facebook is about to roll it’s new layout for News feed. The new Facebook news feed is clutter-free, clean and looks amazing on big screens and SmartPhones. Since when the Timeline feature was launched, Facebook has made some small and big changes in it’s layout and features like Graph Search, feed color scheme, message icons and more.

I was wondering how to get the new Facebook feed layout as I have noticed it on the timeline of some of my friends at Facebook. The new layout is simply amazing and I’m going to share how to get that activated on your Facebook timeline.

Enable the new Facebook news feed layout

You can activate the new Facebook news feed theme in two simple steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook and head over to this link.
  2. Click on the green button asking Join the waiting list.
    Activate Facebook news feed layout

Now, you have to wait for sometime to get the new news feed layout activated for you. Once it gets activated, you may follow the next steps appear on your timeline and switch to the new layout easily.

What’s new with the new Facebook news feed?

Facebook has given the name to this project “Goodbye Clutter” and the designers there done a great job. The clutter is all gone with the new news feed, with more emphasized yet eye-soothing appearance. Photos in the photo-stories will appear bigger than they were in the old layout. Updates can be browsed on surface and sorted from the new top pane added specifically for this task. The big thing about this change is the cross-device compatibility of Facebook feed. Now, whenever you log into your Facebook, it will be more interacting than ever before.

Facebook news feed redesign: Behind the scenes

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