Facebook added the Chat Stickers a few months ago with the Meep emoticons. Since then, they have added more sets of stickers in their collection to be used for free.

Meep Stickers are cool. People are liking them and using them more than any other sticker set. I must say, the designer has done a great job to bring them about. The set consists of total 30 stickers with different moods.

Most of you may be doubtful about the mood of the Meep stickers, as Facebook have not provided any official note about them. In this short post, I’m sharing with you the meaning of each and every Meep sticker mood.

Meep StickerMeaning
Smiling Facebook stickerSmiling or Happy face
Laughing Facebook stickerLaughing at others
Grin Facebook stickerLaughing, big grin, used when joked or something funny is going in the conversation.
Heart eyes Facebook stickerHeart eyes sticker. Used in romantic chats, and miscellaneously to say “good to see you”, “good to know that”.
Laughing Weeping Facebook stickerTears of joy sticker
Frown Facebook stickerFrowny Sad look
Furrow Facebook stickerAngry face sticker, furrow and creased.
Weeping Facebook stickerSad and weeping sticker
Shocked surprised Facebook stickerUtterly shocked and surprised
Whiny Pouty Facebook stickerReally whiny and pouty
Fascinated Facebook stickerStar-struck or fascinated
Loud Facebook stickerLoud & obnoxious
Slightly whiny and pouty Facebook stickerSlightly whiny and pouty
Giggle Facebook stickerGrin / Giggle sticker
Geek Facebook stickerGeek sticker. Basically used when you fixed a problem by yourself.
Gloomy Facebook stickerGloomy or depressed
Vomit Facebook stickerVomit sticker. Use if you felt sick on something during a convo.
Tongue Facebook stickerSilly, Stupid, Joke
Shy Facebook stickerShy sticker
Angry Facebook stickerAnger or frustration
Shocked Facebook stickerShocked or embarrassed
Wink Facebook stickerWink sticker.
Thinking Facebook stickerThinking or unsure
Embarrassed Shy Facebook stickerEmbarrassed and shy
Angel Facebook stickerAngel sticker
Cool Facebook sticker with GlassesCool, side smile sticker with glasses.
Baby face Facebook stickerFull mouth or baby face sticker.
Dizzy Facebook stickerDizzy or confused
Irritated Facebook stickerIrritation or slight disbelief
Anger resentment Facebook stickerAnger and resentment
Anger revenge Facebook stickerAnger and revenge
Disappointed Facebook stickerDisappointed, feeling awkward, unhappy.

Hope this article helped you to understand the moods of Meep stickers. Feel free to add your opinion on this, and share it with more friends.