You might have seen other people sharing links nowadays with large thumbnails on Facebook – that draw more attention of the users than the typical links with small thumbnails. See a real-time preview of such a link with bigger thumbnail:

The image thumbnail in the above embedded Facebook post is more click-able, big enough to grab more views – it’s no doubt it can get you more likes, shares and views. So, how to add such a thumb to your Facebook link posts? Rest of the article covers it in the simplest steps.

Bigger Thumbnail on Facebook link shares: Steps

Facebook basically pics the images from the link itself, and you can choose images fetched by it as your link’s thumbnail. Well, the simplest thing we can do is to add a big image to our post or page, and choose it as the thumbnail while sharing on Facebook. But here is another sophisticated yet better way to achieve the same, explained below:

  • We’ll be making use of custom thumbnail upload feature to put a big thumbnail to our Facebook link post. Lets start, paste the link to your website post or page into the status box of your Facebook profile or page. Wait till it shows a preview of your link post. Now, click that <>Upload Image link beneath the preview thumbnail.
    Adding Facebook Custom Thumbnail
  • An upload dialog will come up on clicking that Upload Image link. Upload a big version of relevant image for you link post and click the ‘post’ button after that.
    Adding a larger Facebook Thumbnail

Done! See, your link post has a big thumbnail now! Now, your posts are more likely to get views, hits, likes, and shares. Enjoy :)