Facebook is about to roll it’s new feature called Graph Search. It is a more simpler and better version of Facebook Search and you can explore a lot more things with it. This feature is currently in beta and available to English (US) audience only. It will be available publicly in a few days.

How can I try Facebook Graph Search?

If you are a Facebook English (US) user, you should go to this link and click on the ‘Try Facebook Graph Search’ button at the bottom:

Try Graph Search Beta

It may take 2-7 days to get Graph search enabled on your profile.

I opted in to try Facebook Graph beta and am sharing my experience of it in this post.

My experience with Facebook Graph Search

After applying for the Graph Search, I got it activated on my profile in 3 days. The first thing I noticed after this change is the top profile navigation. In the new profile navigation bar, the Graph Search field saying “Search people, places and things” has replaced the Friend requests, Inbox and notification icons on the left, and these three icons are shifted to the right with Privacy and Account Settings icons.

facebook changes afer graph search

Now, first I thought what else can I do with Facebook Graph search, it looks same as the typical Facebook search. But after giving it a try, I come up with a good, more better Facebook search experience. With it, you can explore things on Facebook more easily.

The Graph search provides some default search presets you can use as per your need. With these presets, you can explore and discover people, interests of your friends, apps and pages they like, restaurants in your area and more.

graph search default options

For example, if I want to see the photos of my school buddies who live in my area, I do a simple search as shown in the below screenshot:

graph search example

Graph search automatically shows a dropdown list of suggestion as you type a query in it. This way you can explore things on Facebook on the go.

Graph Search and your Privacy on Facebook

Facebook has always told users that one can manage the visibility of it’s content using the Activity log. Same applies to Graph search, it will show things as per their visibility set by the users.

As you get started, remember that you can always review stuff on Facebook that relates to you, change the audience for your own content, and ask others to remove photos or other posts. [Source]

For me, Graph search another cool advancement from Facebook in the user experience. So, go, join the waiting list to try this cool feature.