Facebook is producing strange error nowadays. After the Timeline error, it’s Error #2037 that has been annoying so many users while uploading photos to their Facebook accounts.

This error is in existence since past 3-4 months, and people uploading multiple photos at a time generally see this error.

What is Facebook Error #2037?

Well there is no official data available on that, but it’s for sure it’s an error code that can be recognized by Facebook team for bug fixing. The user may encounter this error when bulk uploading photos, especially when photos are greater than 2MB of file size.

But many users including me, have seen no progress from Facebook in fixing this bug, even after reporting. Below image shows how the error looks like:

Facebook Error #2037

Error #2037 Fixes

There are some solutions that have worked for some people to fix this error. Hoping they will work for you too, I’m sharing them below:

Fix #1: Retry uploading

If you are seeing the error, just refresh the window and go for a re-upload. In most cases that I know, people got it fixed by re-uploading the photos.

Fix #2: Upload photos in small batches

Few of my friends told me that uploading pics in small batches (eg. 9 photos per upload) worked for them. But again, when I went to the Facebook community forum, I saw people complaining even after trying this fix. But still, it doesn’t mean it won’t work for you too, so give it a try.

Fix #2: Re-size your photos

Re-size your photos to make them lighter in weight in terms of file size. This will not put much load on Facebook engine and there are good chances to get your pics uploaded in a go.

You may use an image editing software like Photoshop, GIMP to resize your photos – or try online pic resizer to do it online.

That wraps it up. I’ll add more fixes on this if I find more – feel free to let your thoughts, questions and suggestions on this topic, also share solutions that are not listed here but worked for you. Thanks :)