Millions of people spend time on Facebook daily, for hours – asking questions, updating statuses, sharing links, photos and videos and of course, Chatting with Facebook friends. If so, you might have been familiar with Facebook chat emoticons.

While chatting with people on Facebook, I noticed that people commonly use 2-3 types of emoticons in chat. I thought it’s time to share a list of all the Facebook emoticons. The list carries the codes for all of the Facebook emoticons that can only be used while chatting.

List of Facebook Chat Emoticons
List of All Facebook chat emoticons

Get the respected emoticon / smiley by typing or copy-pasting the respective emoticon code in Green.

EmoticonEmoticon codeEmoticon Name
Facebook Emoticons:42:42
Facebook EmoticonsO:)Angel
Facebook Emoticons:3Cat Faced Smile
Facebook Emoticons>:OConfused
Facebook Emoticons:'(Crying
Facebook Emoticons3:)Devil Face
Facebook Emoticons:(Frowning
Facebook Emoticons:OGasping
Facebook EmoticonsB)Glasses
Facebook Emoticons:DGrinning
Facebook Emoticons>:(Grumpy
Facebook Emoticons<3Red Heart
Facebook Emoticons-_-Annoyed
Facebook Emoticons:*Kissing
Facebook Emoticons:vPacman
Facebook Emoticons<(“)Penguin
Facebook Emoticons:putnam:Putnam
Facebook Emoticons:|]Robot
Facebook Emoticons(^^^)Shark
Facebook Emoticons:)Smile
Facebook Emoticons^_^Squint
Facebook EmoticonsB|Sun Glasses
Facebook Emoticons:PTounge
Facebook Emoticons:/Doubtful / Unsure
Facebook Emoticons>:OUpset, Angry
Facebook Emoticons;)Wink

Do you have any secret Facebook emoticons which you discovered yourself? Tell us, we’ll include your discovery right here. Also see list of Gmail emoticons.