Extract text from scanned images onlineHave you ever wanted to pick or extract text from image files? For example, you have scanned images of documents or a scanned PDF manual (scanned PDFs are composed of scanned images) – now you want the data from that images without typing a word. Is there an way to do so? Yes, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can help you to extract text from scanned image. OCR can be used on Windows by installing Microsoft Document Imaging.

Read this article to know how to use Microsoft Document Imaging on Windows.

For those who do not use Windows and those who don’t want to install Microsoft Document Imaging on their Windows, there are some cool services available online that can extract text from images for them. Below given is the list of the online services that extract text from image files by simple uploading:

Extract text from image online
  • Free OCR
    Extract text from images

    Extract text from images using Free OCR
  • Free Online OCR
    Extracting text from scanned images

    Extract text from an image using i2OCR
  • OCR Terminal

    OCR Terminal requires a sign up to use it’s services, but still its in the list of alternatives to use OCR online.

Using any of these services, you can grab the text out of an image very easily. Just upload the image to any of the services – and grab the extracted text from it on the next page appears after processing.