One of the most important things to be noticed while choosing a mobile phone is it’s battery life. People often look for a mobile handset that covers all smart multimedia features plus a long-lasting battery. Nowadays, many mobile phone manufacturing companies like Micromax, Fly etc. are launching handsets with the battery backup of around a month. But these long-battery cell phones do not provide so many useful features and are not that much reliable. So, what you’re going to do if your cell phone’s battery is not up to the mark?

Actually, there are many little things that people avoid while using a cell phone. Considering these small things can help us increase the battery life and keeps us away from running out of battery so early.

  1. Do not overcharge your cell phone’s battery. Do not expose it to heat and moisture.
  2. Make sure that your mobile phone’s battery charger is in good condition. Always use battery chargers properly. Bad charger contact may lead to excessive battery heating.
  3. Do not let your battery uncharged for a long time.
  4. Turn off the blue tooth when you’re not using it – as it drains off the battery very fast.
  5. Disable unnecessary sounds and vibrations (like keypad tones, prompts, alerts), animated backgrounds and screen savers.
  6. Lower down the brightness of your cell phone display to an optimum level.
  7. A low backlighting duration also helps to save battery. If your handset doesn’t requires the backlight to view the screen, turn the backlight off. If your handset has a Power Saver mode or a similar facility, enable it.
  8. 3G and Wi-Fi take a good amount of battery power, better switch them off when they are not in use.
  9. Disable or delete Games and fun apps. It’s manageable to keep the battery up.
  10. Turn off your cell phone in the subway or any other environment with no coverage. The phone keeps searching for network in no coverage zone, and drains the battery for nothing.

Implementing these tips will both extend and enhance your battery life, but after all it’s you, who use the mobile, and know how much usage you made throughout the day. Using Internet, calling, texting and listening music – all of these consume power – hence keeping the activities managed is also important to save the battery of your phone.