Finally, the long awaited Facebook Timeline is available to be used publicly. This new feature provides a snazzy look to your Facebook profile, along with the ability to see every update since you joined Facebook!

Facebook Timeline is all about the segregation and arrangement of updates on the basis of time in years, months and days. You can see your updates arranged in snazzy blocks, can browse them from every year, month or day you spend on Facebook, can put a cover photo of your profile, and much more.

How to enable Facebook Timeline feature?

Enabling Facebook Timeline is super easy. Just go to Facebook Timeline and click on “Enable Timeline” button.

activate facebook timeline feature

You’ll be redirected to your new Timeline profile, which has a completely new look. Here’s a screenshot:

facebook timeline feature screenshot

Facebook Timeline: Track every update since you joined Facebook

After enabling the feaure, you can make changes to adjust the look of your Timeline and can publish it immediately. In case you are not publishing it right now, Facebook gives you seven days to review the changes, after that it will auto-publish your Timeline to public. This article will let you know what to learn before your Timeline goes public.

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How to use Facebook Timeline?

Browsing the Facebook Timeline

how to use facebook timeline featureYou can make use of the Timeline menu on the right-hand-side to browse through your Facebook Timeline. For example, you chose 2010 to browse, Facebook will show the selected top-stories or highlighted stories related to you in that year. Once in a while, you may want to scan through all the updates – just click on the “Highlight” menu-item on top-left and drop it down to “All Stories“, here you are with all stories arranged in different blocks.

Add events to Facebook Timeline

adding events to facebook timelineNormally, you add status, events, photos or places on Facebook without any time parameter, but now, you can do it anywhere in the Timeline. Lets say, I have a photo which was taken on 17 Feb 2008, I’ll go back to that day in 2008 using the Timeline and will add the photo there, instead of adding it at the top. That can also be done by spotting (clicking) the blue line in the middle to do that (your cursor will change to a “+” / “plus” sign while hovering it) and add whatever you have to add.

Put a Cover Photo

adding cover photo on facebookCover Photo is different is different from the Profile picture or DP. It is the image which will appear as featured on your Facebook Timeline. If you have enabled the Timeline feature, you can see a button saying “Add a cover”. Click it, choose an image either from your albums or from your computer by uploading, adjust the position of the image (you can also “Reposition” your cover image) and Save Changes.

Know when you joined Facebook

In your Timeline, click on the year just above the “Born” link, you’ll come to know when did you join Facebook.

know when you joined facebook

People are liking this new avatar of Facebook and started publishing their Timelines. Have you enabled the Timeline feature on your Facebook? Are you liking it? Let me know.