If you have tried signing up for Google+ with your Google Apps account previously, it would have returned a message like “Google Profiles are not available for your organization“. A similar message would have been reflected when you have tried to click on +1 (plus one) button on a site with your Google Apps account signed in. But recently, Google has allowed Apps accounts to signup for Google Plus to socialize. This applies to both type of account holders – Google Apps for Business and Google Apps Free. The below tutorial guides – how to enable Google Profiles for Google Apps :

  • Sign in to your Google Apps account and click “Manage this domain“.
    activate google+ with google apps
  • Click “Organization and Users” menu item at the top navigation.
    sync google plus with google apps
  • Next, click on the “Services” Tab and scroll down.
    enable google+ in google apps
  • Find Google+ in the list and click the ON button.
    login google+ with google app email
  • Next, a window will popup saying “Turn on Google+”. Click “Turn Google + on” at the bottom-right of that popup window.
    turn on google+ in google apps
  • Click the “Save changes” button at the bottom-left. Done!
    sign in on google+ with google apps account

As you have enabled Google+ for your Google Apps account, you will be able to sign up with your Google Apps account login details at Google+.

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