Embed Youtube videos on Blog or WebsiteEmbedding appropriate videos in your blog posts is an impressive way to provide the visitors with the intereseting content. I don’t mean to do it in every post, but at times when some elaboration is required, you should give a video with your blog post, if available. Or you may give it when you want.
Definitely, Youtube is the most popular solution to share videos online. This small guide will show how to embed a Youtube video on your blog or website.

Note: The *embedding of a youtube video depends on it’s availability and access set by owner (whether he / she has allowed to embed his / her video or not).
*embedding = decorating, setting or putting in

  • Go to Youtube. Browse the video you want to embed on your page. It can be your own video or a video owned by someone else (provided – embedding is on).
  • Now, Click the Share button below the playing video (highlighted in the Screen shot).
    Screen shot
  • This will bring a short Youtube link (which you can use to share the video on your social network). Below that link will be the other button named Embed. Click it.
  • Screen shot
  • On clicking Embed, a text-filed will show up with a few lines of code (just as highlighted in red in the screenshot). Below that, there are more options enabling you too modify the width-height of the video. You may modify the width-height attributes to make the video appear properly on your blog / website or copy the default generated code, as you wish.
  • Screen shot
  • Paste the just copied code on your blog / blog post / website – wherever you want the video to appear.
  • Save changes, done.

Check your blog / website to see it in action.

In Screen shots: A Closer Look At The iPhone Video on Youtube by CBS.