You might have already know that YouTube playlists can also be embedded on Web pages just like individual videos. Embedding the whole playlist can be useful when you have to show multiple videos in a single embed.

On YouTube, you can create playlists and add videos to them according to their genre. You can also add videos uploaded by other users on YouTube to your playlists.

To embed our YouTube playlist, we need an embed code to show it on our website or blog post, just like we do when embedding YouTube videos normally. You can get the embed code for your playlists by following the below given two simple steps:

  1. Go to the playlist that you want to embed in your post or web page.
  2. Click the “Share” button which will bring the Playlist URL followed by playlist’s embed code. Copy embed code and paste it to your Web page or Post area (in HTML mode) and preview / publish accordingly. You can also allow / restrict others to embed your playlists checking / un-checking the option at the bottom. Refer the following screenshot:
    Embed YouTube playlists in your Blog posts or Website

Alternatively, you can use the below given concise code to embed you playlists:

<iframe src="" width="565" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Replace PLAYLIST_ID with the ID of your playlist and use the code in your posts / pages.

Below given is a demonstration showing an embedded YouTube playlist using the above mentioned concise iFrame code: