Vine videos are fun. A lot of interesting short videos we can see at Vine app available for Android and iOS. But showing those Vine videos on your blog posts or website becomes little difficult, if you are using Vine on Android. Unlike the Vine iOS app, Vine Android app doesn’t allow you to get video embed code by using Share options.

In this tutorial guide, you will know how to easily show Vine videos in your blog posts or website – no device dependencies, you may implement the tut on any device that supports Vine – but the key focus here is Android.

Embedding a Vine video: Step-by-step

All we need to do is get the URL of our Vine, and then use it to get the embed code. The embed code for a vine video looks like this:

<iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="600" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

I have used an Android device in the tutorial. Follow the below steps to obtain embed code for a vine video:

1. Open Vine app on your Android device, and click the button on the bottom-left section of a vine that you want to embed. This will bring up a share dialog, tweet the vine by clicking Share on Twitter option (you may delete the tweet later).

Vine App Share Options

2. Now, go to your Twitter, visit the vine link you just tweeted, open it with any normal web browser like Chrome. This will bring you to the individual page for that Vine video.

Tweeting Vine Videos

3. Next, look at the Vine URL in the address bar of the browser at the top, just add the term embed after the URL and go.

Vine video page

4. Finally, you are on the embed page of your vine. Choose an embed format from “Simple” and “Postcard”, select a size, preview the embedded vine, and grab the embed code for it, and use it anywhere you wish to do.

Vine embedding options

Below is the working demonstartion of an embedded Vine video: