Most of us know YouTube to upload and share our videos online for free but Vimeo is the another video sharing service that looks pretty with considerably good features. Vimeo is free for basic usage under some limitations, but you can enjoy it’s full features like HD Uploading and Embedding, Player Customization, Unlimited Groups / Channels / Albums, Advanced Statistics, Domain Level Privacy, Optional Source File Storage by upgrading to Vimeo Plus, and even more features with Vimeo Pro.

If you’re new to Vimeo and don’t know how to embed Vimeo videos on Website or blog including WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous or a static HTML website, then this guide will show you how to do that easily. Follow below steps to embed a Vimeo video on your Website or blog:

  • Sign into your Vimeo account and visit or open the video you want to embed to your blog or website.
  • Just hover / mouseover the video, you’ll see three options on the top-right of the video. Click Share option.
  • embed vimeo videos

  • In this page, you’ll see some common sharing options via social networks and email. You can grab the embed code for the video on the right side (as mentioned in the below screenshot). You can also customize embed properties such as video size, color, intro and other options. If you’re looking for old Embed code (the traditional HTML 4.0 <embed> code) for that video, get it by clicking “Use old Embed code” link at the bottom of the embed options.
  • embed vimeo videos

  • Place the copied code on your blog post or website in HTML mode, no matter you’re using WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous or a different platform to run your site. That’s it!

So, you’ve successfully embedded a Vimeo video on your website / blog without any hassle. Also see how to Embed YouTube Videos on Website / Blog.