Embedding and quoting dynamic content is always a need when you want to refer someone’s writing or broadcast on your website or in your blog posts. That dynamic content can be a YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo video, a YouTube playlist, and can also be a Pinterest pin, but embedding Tweets in blog posts is the thing people always do to refer sayings and announcements from individuals to companies and brands.

So, how can I embed Tweets on my website or blog posts? Will it need an additional plugin or extension on my blog or website? No, it won’t need any extra plugins to install. We’ll see how to embed tweets in the least steps in this short guide.

Embed Tweets in Blog posts / Website in 3 simple steps

  1. Expand the tweet in your Twitter Timeline that you want to embed on your site or post. You can do it by clicking the Expand link in that tweet.
    embed tweet
  2. Next, click on the Details link in the expanded tweet.
    embed tweet
    Clicking on Details link will bring you to the full tweet. Now, click the Embed this tweet link in the full tweet.
    embed tweet
  3. Finally, you’ll see code and other options to embed tweet on your blog posts or site. You can alter and select the embed code options and tweet alignment as you like. Choose the tweet’s embed code either in HTML or in the shortcode mode. You can also collect the link to that particular tweet. In the alignment options, you can left, right or center-align the tweet (default alignment is none).
    embed tweet
    After all that, copy the embed code and paste it in your blog post or on your site in HTML mode. That’s it!

Below is how the tweet in screenshots look after embedding in this blog post:

As you can see, the embedded tweet displays just in typical Twitter style. It also shows the Twitter follow button on the top-right and the reply, retweet and favorite options at the bottom-right side. So, embed tweets whenever you think you want to do.

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