Services like Google Maps makes exploring different places of the world so easy. You can not only track Google Maps are really a cool way to tell your friends, audience and clients your places and locations. Apart from mapping and marking places on Google Maps, you can also add or embed the entire map to your website or in blog posts.

Google provides an API for the advance integration of Google Maps to websites, but it’s not necessary when your site doesn’t solely depends on Google Maps and you have to use maps occasionally on your site. If such is the case, you can add or embed Google Maps without using the API as well. This guide shows how to do that with ease.

Step-by-step guide to embed Google maps

1. Head over to Google Maps and search to locate your place, I located Taj Mahal (Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India) for a test (it’s one of the Seven Wonders of the world).

embed google maps

2. Zoom and pan your map as per your need and click the ‘link’ icon in the left panel, just below the search box, as shown in the below screenshot:

embed google maps

Clicking on ‘link’ icon will bring a pop-up saying Paste in Email or IM. You can grab the link to your Google Map from the first textbox in the pop-up, which you can send to anyone on Email or chat. The next textbox in the pop-up contains the HTML Embed code for you Google Map (as shown in the above screenshot).

Just copy this code and paste it on your website or blog post to embed the Google Map therein. Remember that you’ve to paste the code in the HTML-only mode.

3. You can also preview and customize the dimensions of your Google Map using the “Customize and preview embedded map” link below the textbox carrying embed code. In the customization section, you can select obtain the small, medium, large and custom dimensions of your Google Map which will be previewed as per your selection (see below screenshot).

You can also zoom and pan the map while previewing and even after embedding the map.

embed google maps

Collect the final HTML embed code from the textbox just below the map preview and use it on your website or blog posts the same way, i.e. the simple copy-paste. See the embedded Google Map demonstration below:

View Larger Map

This way you can embed Google Maps on your site or blog to tell people the location of your company, resident, office etc. Also read how to plot graphs instantly with Google Graphing Calculator.