Google+ rolled out custom URLs for pages and profiles a few days ago. It preapproves your Google+ profile or page first, and then you can take a custom URL as decided by their system.

In case of very common brand or page or person name, you might only get approved to use a different accent of it. For example, the name Rahul Arora is quite common in India, and Google+ was already aware of that. It approved me to use RahulArora in the URL of my G+ profile suffixed with some numeral or alphabet. Therefore I got as my profile URL (I was sad why I didn’t get +RahulArora only).

Editing a Google+ Custom URL

It’s true that once you get your custom URL, you can’t change it to something else; like I can’t change it to +RahulArora1 to +RahulArora2. But still, you can do edits in your it. But about what, as it can’t change once taken?

After claiming a unique URL for your profile or page, you can still make edits in the capitalization and diacritics of your Google+ URL, as mentioned by Google here. For instance, I had +Techably as the URL of Google+ page of this website – and generally, I write the brand name as “TechAbly”. So, I edited the URL and made it +TechAbly.

How can I edit the URL?

If you too want to do such edits, it can be done using the Links section in the About section of your Google+ page or profile. Click that Edit link at the bottom of the Links box.

Edit Google+ Custom URL

Now alter the capitalization in the URL as shown in the above screen and save the changes. Done! I also have a video recorded of the tutorial, take a look if you’re feeling confused somewhere while implementing the steps: