People on web use Torrent sites to download free stuff uploaded by other users. “Torrenting” is popular for piracy of premium assets more than free file uploads-downloads. I don’t prefer downloading pirated copies of premium files from torrent but I use it to share huge files with other people in my network.

Recently, I found a way to download torrent files on IDM (Internet Download Manager) without using additional software, browser extensions or add-ons – and I’m sharing the trick with you in this post.

IDM, being the fastest of all download managers, allows you to download files at highest speeds. Downloading Torrents with IDM would lower the time you wait to get your files downloaded from Torrent servers.

Downloading Torrent files with IDM: Step-by-step

  1. Head over to and signup for a free account there.
  2. After signing up, go to any of your favorite torrent search engines, search the file that you want to download and download it’s torrent file.
  3. Now, come back to your just created Zbigz account, click on upload button and choose your just downloaded torrent file and click the “Go” button.
  4. A popup window will appear asking to choose from free or premium download. Select the free download.
  5. Now, the service will start fetching your file using it’s advanced high-speed servers and make the download link available in a few seconds (depending on your file size).
  6. Again it will prompt to ask for a free or premium download. Click free download and that’s it! Your file will start downloading from torrent servers on IDM!