Recently I bought a brand new HP Compaq Notebook-15-s103tx for myself and even after installing Windows 8.1 (x64) OS and appropriate drivers (downloaded from the official website of HP for my model number) on it, my laptop’s F2 and F3 brightness function keys were not working! For once I thought that this is some sort of manufacturing defect in the keyboard, but then I tried searching about this issue on the official support forum of HP.

After browsing and reading through many threads, I found the solution! The solution to the problem was to install the latest Graphics drivers from Intel meant for Windows 7/8/8.1 (x86 or x64). But I didn’t know how to know the file name and version number of the graphics driver which I needed to download, as I already downloaded and installed ALL the drivers that were present on the official website of HP for my model number!

I Googled a lot and found this very small utility known as Intel Driver Update Utility which allows anyone to find the latest driver for Graphics, Chipsets (Chipset INF), Wireless, Desktop Boards and NUCs for their computer. Let’s check out in this post how to find the latest drivers for your computer using this utility?

Note: Keep in mind that this utility will scan your computer for the latest up-to-date drivers that are available only from Intel. It won’t scan your computer for driver updates which are meant for the components of other manufacturers like ATI, Nvidia etc.

  1. Download and install Intel Driver Update Utility on your computer. Once the utility has been successfully installed, run it and you will be presented with following screen:auto detect drivers
  2. Hover on the Find Drivers tab and then click on Auto-Detect. When you click on Auto Detect, the utility will thoroughly scan your system and will tell you a list of all the installed drivers that are currently out dated on your machine:intel driver update utilityThe utility will also tell you the exact name of the driver along with its latest version number that you need to download on your computer. In my case the driver that I needed to download to rectify my problem was Intel Iris, Iris Pro, and HD Graphics Driver for Windows.
  3. You can download the driver from within the utility or you can download the driver manually from the official website of Intel.

Important notes:

  • If your computer has Intel inside logo on it, then it doesn’t mean that above utility will find drivers for you. This is because your computer may have an Intel Processor inside, but all of its other components can be manufactured by some other company.
  • You may see a NOT DETECTED massage within the utility if your computer is using very old hardware, the components are reaching an end of their interactive support or the components are never supported at all.
  • If your computer has a non-intel part or a custom OEM part or a part that is not listed in intel’s database, then the utility will show you a NOT DETECTED massage.
  • The utility don’t collect any personal information stored on your computer. It only analyzes the hardware and software configuration of your computer and provides you with appropriate drivers.
  • This utility stores all your downloads here: C:\Users\username\Downloads/. However you can always change the download location from the utility’s settings page.
  • Even after installing the latest graphics drivers, your computer keeps on behaving strangely, then you shouldn’t wait and directly contact the manufacturer of your computer/hardware.