As the Cloud storage is going more strong day-by-day, it has enabled us to manage our important data anywhere, on the go. It becomes more important when you work with multiple gadgets and want your data across all those devices without much waiting and mess-ups.

Dropbox is a popular service which is available specifically for saving files in the Cloud as well as synchronizing them across your other devices. You can share, sync, send files very easily with Dropbox.

If you are already using Dropbox, you might have been downloading your important files on your Computer first, and then saving it to your Dropbox. This whole process takes good time when the file is large. It would be all easy, if you can cut the mid-portion of the process. Ya, exactly – I meant download files directly to Dropbox. This will help you a lot in the following circumstances:

  • In hurry: When you download files directly to Dropbox, the total time taken will be just the half of the longer process. So, it will help your to save your time and to minimize the hurry-flurry.
  • While using Public Computers: If you are away from your personal and secured web, you can save the file without leaving a sign of the download on that terminal when you download files directly to Dropbox which will be fully secured and there will be no virus, no malicious information goes with the file. Also, the file saving process won’t require even an external USB Flash drive.
  • While using Mobile Web: You can also download files directly to Dropbox while browsing web from your Mobile, as mobile devices are not that great to store large files.

You can download the files on your Computer later in free time to check them.

How to Download files directly to Dropbox?

When I published this article, there existed a service called URL Droplet, that has been discontinued as of now. But now worries, here is a better way to do that without requiring any services.

To do so, we’ll need to install the Download to Dropbox extension to our Chrome browser.

After the installation, you will need to click the extension icon in your browser window to sign into Dropbox and allow this app there.

Once you successfully approve that app in your account, you’ll be able to see the “Upload to Dropbox” option on the context menu when you right-click on any webpage.

Upload to Dropbox

Now, whenever you want to download files direct to your Dropbox account, right-click the download link of the file and select “Upload to Dropbox” option, your download to Dropbox will begin immediately.

You may also use SideCloudLoad for the same purpose, which allows you downloading files just by singing in with your Dropbox account credentials and entering the source URL (URL of the file to be downloaded). But I’ll recommend you to use URL Droplet, as SideCloudLoad allows downloading files of maximum 25 MB disk size.