Google Adsense displays the earnings of publishers in US dollars only. To convert your Adsense earnings from USDs to your own currency, the general method that is to be followed is:

If the net exchange value of your currency is:

  • Less than USD exchange value (eg. 1 USD = 44.3 INR (say X)), multiply your net earning with X.
  • Greater than USD exchange value (eg. 1 EURO = 1.41 USD (say Y)), divide your earnings by Y.

Display Adsense earnings in your own Currency

You can use online currency converters for the same to save your time. All currency converters follow the above given procedure, the thing that makes difference is the updated exchange rate.

You can use XE Currency Converter to do the currency conversions in seconds, all you have to do is to provide the input (like your Adsense earnings in USDs) and choose the current & the resulting currency and then click “Convert”.

You can also use Google and Yahoo! to convert currency. You just have to search using your favorite Search Engine from the two like below:


Refer the below screenshot:

Convert Currency with Google and Yahoo!

But, there’s a lot easier way too.

Displaying Adsense earnings in your own Currency

If you use Google Chrome to browse the web, you should use a very handy Chrome extension which automatically converts the currency on any web page and displays it to you as is. After installing and activating it from the Extension Panel, you can customize the options according to your need. You can also obtain the pop-up to change the resulting currency by simply pressing Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C. The extension fetches currency rates provided by Pathfinder Stocks and European Central Bank. It also has a lot of formatting options where you can adjust settings for decimal operator, thousand separator etc. accordingly. If you don’t want the extension to automatically convert the numeric values on web pages, you can click the coin icon in the address bar of the browser to toggle between the original and converted values (See screenshot).

Install Chrome Currency Converter »

Chrome Currency Converter

You can also convert the currency quickly with FXWare add-on for Mozilla Firefox, but it is not as good as Chrome Currency Converter. After getting it completely installed on your Firefox browser, you can see a dotted line below the numbers (without link) on the web pages. You can click the numbers to obtain a pop-up asking the further details about conversion (see screenshot).

Install FXWare Firefox Addon »

FXWare for Mozilla Firefox

I use Chrome currency converter, what do you use? If you know a better alternative, do let us know.