You may have received special SMS text messages on your mobile phone, which contain special characters arranged to create a Graphic effect, for example – a heart, smiley or big alphabets (see below).

 _______        _              _     _       
 |__   __|      | |       /   | |   | |      
    | | ___  ___| |__    /    | |__ | |_   _ 
    | |/ _ / __| '_   / /  | '_ | | | | |
    | |  __| (__| | | |/ ____ | |_) | | |_| |
    |_|___|___|_| |_/_/    _|_.__/|_|__, |
                                         __/ |

Actually, such graphical effects are known as Computer Text Art and are created by ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) codes. If you don’t know how to create and send such graphic sms messages, here is how to to get it done.

How to create Graphic SMS / Text Art?

There are many online applications which allow you to create graphic SMS or Text Art of your choice. Below are some service you can use to create Text Arts:

You can use these services directly through your SmartPhone or PC.

How to send Graphic SMS to your friends?

So, you have created Graphic SMS using above services, now you may want to send it to your friends. To do so, you may use free online SMS services or can send it through your GPRS/3G/EDGE enabled mobile device.

Send Graphic SMS texts through online free SMS services

Paste the Graphic SMS you just generated in the “message” field of the service, enter the mobile numbers of your friends, and send the message.

Send Graphic SMS texts through GPRS/3G/EDGE enabled phones

If you have a SmartPhone, you can directly access the above listed Text Art generating services and copy-paste the generated code in the SMS field and send it to friends. Normal mobile users can go with the above mentioned method or with the below given Alternate method.

Alternate Method

This method is a bit lengthier, and for those who don’t want to use SMS services. After generating Graphic SMS, save it in your email inbox as Draft (just by copy-pasting and saving). Next, access your email on your Phone, copy the saved message and paste it in SMS field and send it to your friends.