Writing the command msconfig in Windows XP Run Prompt brings the System Configuration Utility. Similarly, cmd brings the Command Prompt. There are several other commands like this in Windows, each of which has a specific application or directory associated with it. Such shortcuts are called as command shortcuts. If you like to create run command shortcuts for your frequently used program or for your favorite folder, you can do this easily.

For creating a command shortcut, follow these steps:

  • Go to Start » Run OR simply press Windows + R.
  • Type in %systemroot% and press the return key. This will open the WINDOWS directory.
  • Now, create a shortcut in this directory by right clicking the empty space (with nothing selected), selecting Shortcut from the pop-up menu. This will show a wizard named Create Shortcut.
    Create a shortcut in Windows Directory
  • Click Browse and locate the program/software/executable file or the directory/folder for which you want to create the command shortcut. Click Next then.
    Browse the program or folder
  • A wizard asking Select a Title for the Program will appear. Fill in the command you want for your just selected program or folder. Click Finish. You’re done!
    Select a Title/command for your program/folder

    Note: Do not use the commands which are already used by Windows (like msconfig, regedit, devmgmt.msc etc., here’s the full list: Windows XP Run Commands) or in use by other programs (like photoshop, winword etc.) otherwise your command shortcut won’t work.

Now, open the run prompt (Windows + R), type the command you selected lastly and hit the return key. You’ll see your program or folder opened! Enjoy.

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