You might have heard of QR or Quick Response codes before which can generally be seen on magazines, gadgets, business cards etc. A QR code is a 2D matrix bar code that can be readable by dedicated QR bar code readers and SmartPhone Cameras only. It was created by a Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. It is generally used for tracking of vehicles and gadgets and to regenerate recorded text, photos, videos, music and URLs in it. Generating QR codes for different purposes is also known as Hardlinking or Object Hyperlinking.

QR codes are very common in Japan since they have been used there since 1994-95. But it came in trend in 2010-2011 globally.

What’s the clue behind using QR codes?
QR Code for

QR Code for

Quick Response codes allow the content to be decoded at a very high speed which can also be published in print. Think of a Web URL, it was never before QR codes that we can publish a website address on normal print and it could be accessed from there through a SmartPhone. Not only a website, but you can encode any type of media with QR codes. SmartPhone users must be more familiar with them, as the camera of their device (provided with a correct QR reader app) is capable of scanning a QR code from a business card, a print ad, or a computer screen.

How to generate QR code for your website?

You have many free online services to do so, but a quick way to get a QR code for your website is Google.

Follow these simple steps to generate a QR out of Google:

  • Head over to Google URL Shortener:
  • Google URL shortener
  • Type in your web address and collect the short URL.
  • Add .qr in the end of the short URL. Say the short URL is, after rewriting, it will become
  • Visit the rewritten URL and collect the QR code for your website.

Similarly, you can get QR code for your website with URL shortening service also. If you want QR codes for your images, videos, e-mail address, phone number, v-card etc., QRStuff is the best service for you.