Facebook fan pages are one of those marketing vehicles that should be utilized for businesses to attract audience. Through a Facebook fan page, people can join you on Facebook and receive updates at the same place. This way, you can spread your word by a single update, eventually representing an active business.

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Social networks are always been the easiest medium to develop a big network, which is very important for every kind of business. But it is not as easy as it seems. Just consider the case of Facebook fan pages. A fan page should represent the brand of your company, the services you provide and appropriate information about your company in brief or detail. Below are the examples of some great facebook landing pages which interact effectively as well as reflect the professionalism of the services (Skip to the tutorial):

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Interaction is very important on web, so you should create attractively built – best facebook fan pages to represent your brand effectively. If you are looking forward to design facebook fan pages for business, get them done using either of the two ways:

  • Hire me to create a custom landing page for you or for current landing page optimization
  • Follow the below tutorial to do it yourself

Design facebook custom landing pages

  • Create a Fan page of your service on Facebook, if you do not have one.
  • Visit Static Tab Facebook application and click “Install Static Tab” button.
    Install Static Tab Facebook Application
  • Next, click “Add Static Tab – Welcome Tab for Pages” button to add the application to your Facebook page.
    add static tab
  • Now, you can see a new item in the page menu on the left, labeling “Static Tab”. Click this.
    static tab on fan page
  • This will bring you to the configuration page of the Static Tab application. Click “Configuration”.
    static tab configuration
  • Now, a box will appear showing the following options:
    static tab configuration options
    1. Tab Type: This option will contain a drop-down menu, from which you can choose from the two items: “Load an external URL” and “Show custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript”. The former is for the users who want to display an image in place of message, while the latter is for those who have the knowledge of simple HTML/CSS/JavaScript and want to display textual message to their fans. Choosing the one between these two options will change the behavior of next options i.e. choosing the first option will make the further text-boxes URL ready while the second option will make the boxes HTML ready.
    2. HTML / URL (When the user LIKES the page): Enter HTML or URL to be displayed to your fans.
    3. HTML / URL (When the user DOESN’T LIKE the page): Enter HTML or URL to be displayed to non-fans or the users who don’t liked your fan page yet.
  • Click “Apply Changes”. Similarly, you can add more tabs to your Fan page according to your requirement.
  • Now, click “Edit Info” link, click “Manage Permission” on the next page and set “Static Tab” as the
    “Default Landing Tab”.

    setting landing tab

    You may also change the label of the “Static Tab” by going to “Apps” tab in the same page, navigating to “Static Tab”, clicking “Edit Settings”, entering the desired label and saving the settins by clicking “Save”.

    changing tab name
  • See the below screenshot, how the page will appear to the fans and non-fans:
    custom facebook landing page

So, we have created a Custom Landing page for our Facebook fan page using Static Tab Facebook application. You can experiment further with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to give it a cool look or may show your creativity by designing a custom image for it like we’ve seen earlier in some creative facebook fan pages. See some simple HTML work on my friend’s page. Also check our Facebook page and be a fan on there. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!