WUQC or Western Union Quick Cash is a way to get cash quickly from any Western Union agent office. Google AdSense also supports WUQC payments in some countries for payouts, and here is the list of them with their currencies:

Country Currency
Argentina Argentine peso
Bahrain Bahraini dinar
Cameroon Central African CFA franc
Chile Chilean peso
China (Mainland) Chinese renminbi
Colombia Colombian peso
Cambodia Cambodian riel
Georgia Georgian lari
Jordan Jordanian dinar
Kuwait Kuwaiti dinar
Laos Lao kip
Libya Libyan dinar
Malaysia Malaysian ringgit
Mauritius Mauritian rupee
Oman Omani rial
Nicaragua Nicaraguan cordoba
Pakistan Pakistani rupee
Peru Peruvian nuevo sol
Philippines Philippine peso
Qatar Qatari riyal
Romania Romanian leu
Senegal West African CFA franc
Singapore Singapore dollar
Venezuela Venezuelan bolivar
Yemen Yemeni rial