Writing effective blog posts is important for both the popularity of your blog and it’s readers. In fact these two things can make your blog stand out. You don’t need to be a pro writer to compose a good, effective article copy.

Here are some simple tips that should be kept in mind to make articles effective and more selling:

  1. KISS: Keep everything simple. Proceeding with this approach will keep you away from making things complex and worse.
  2. Choose effective subjects: Pick effective titles to write on, according to the niche of your blog. Write suitable and attractive headlines. Don’t practice keyword stuffing for rankings.
  3. Write catchy headlines: Choose good, appropriate and catchy headlines for your article, trust me, it’s one of the most important things a blogger should do for his articles.
  4. Stick to the topic: Stick to what your post is about and what you want to convey from it. This not only helps people understand your post easily but also represents you as a good writer.
  5. Use Images: Using suitable images (graphs, screen shots, subject images) in a post enables readers to interact more with it. You may click and create your own images or use royalty free stock images for your posts. And don’t forget Image SEO.
  6. Links, links, links: Give links contextual to the topic of your post, which may be external or internal. This will help readers in their research or to find their interests. You can also give links to the references which you’ve used while creating the article.
  7. Keep it short and simple: Writing a post with ample length is fine, but writing it clear cut is noteworthy. A well-defined post in shortest possible words should be kept into focus.
  8. Cover the main points: Using lists to mention key points in your posts (for example, steps of a process or tutorial, merits-demerits, alternatives etc.) helps readers to scan the posts quickly. Use headlines for sub-topics. This too helps readers to snap down to the desired section.
  9. Do EDIT your post: Before publishing a post, you need to review it for unwanted sentences, sections and wrong spellings. You should use perfect keywords, sentences, and phrases in your post with correct punctuation. After publishing the post, you should update it whenever necessary.

Hope you find these tips useful. Thanks and all the best :)