A very common thing that people want to do with their photos is to design them in multiple versions like pencil sketches, cartoons, pop-arts etc. Generally, people use their designed images in online display pics and avatars. Converting photos into cartoons or sketches can be done easily if you know how to play with effects in Adobe Photoshop or some similar software programs. But if you are not a Photoshop geek or don’t have photo to cartoon software / photo to sketch software program, here are some best and really easy ways to convert photos into cartoon, pop-art and sketches online:

Convert your photo to sketch

The trick lies behind turning an image into pencil sketch is first, to set it’s color mode to grayscale (i.e. converting it black & white); secondly, changing it’s brightness to make it look like a pencil drawing. You may try it on your favorite image editor and can also throw in some more effects accordingly. The below online applications will perform similar effects on your photos to convert them to pencil sketches:

Convert your photo to cartoon / Pop Art

Cartoonizing a photo includes applying some poster and cut-out effects on it which are available as Filters in most of the image editing software programs. You may play with the poster and cut-out filters in Adobe Photoshop to achieve a variety of cartoon effects on your photos. Below services let you do the same online without any software program:

Be Funky can be used for both as well as more effects to decorate your photos. Check it our and experiment yourself.

All of the above mentioned services are based on simple image uploading to convert them accordingly and the finished images with effects can be saved in the end. You just need to upload your photo from your computer and grab it sketched or cartoonized in a few seconds! You may also a

If your favorite image decorating service is missing here, feel free to share it with us in comments.