Amazon Kindle is the most popular way to read e-books nowadays. If you are a Kindle user, you might have noticed bad rendering of PDF files sometimes on Kindle reader.

Kindle, besides the native AZW (Amazon Whispernet) and KF8 (Kindle Format 8) formats, supports other PDF formats also; like TXT, PDF, unprotected MOBI, and PRC. However, the native Kindle formats i.e. AZW and KF8 always render the best content to the user and make the reading better even on the smaller display / screens.

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Convert PDF to Kindle format

If you have an e-book which doesn’t have a native Kindle format, you might want to convert that PDF eBook to a Kindle-friendly format for your (or your audience’s, in case you’re the author) better reading. Till now, you can’t convert PDF to KF8 or AZW format, since no tool supports such conversion. But, I found a tool to convert PDF files to Kindle-friendly format. The finished file will also be a PDF file, but the optimized one that can be read easily and effortlessly on Kindle.

K2PDFOpt: Tool to Convert PDF to Kindle-friendly format

K2PDFOpt is a simple executable file, just download, run, drag your file, and press enter to convert. It is a command line based tool which automatically optimizes PDF files by maximizing the reading area for a better readability on the 6" Kindle display.

convert pdf to kindle format

How K2PDFOpt optimizes PDF Files for Kindle: It converts the PDF pages to individual bitmap files, auto-maximizes the viewing area by cutting, cropping, and reassembling the pages, removes extra white space, rearranges the finished pages and then outputs the original file.

Tips to work with K2PDFOpt

If K2PDFOpt throws such a message (or similar):

*** Cannot Open “X:Documents and Settings….xyz.pdf”. ***
convert pdf to kindle format

Just do what, put your PDF file in the same folder as K2PDFOpt, type the name of your PDF file with .pdf post-fix. Now, press enter for the conversion. You’ll see the tool start converting your PDF to Kindle-friendly format.

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