People spend most of their time on Internet doing several different things and its a fact that a greater number of people comes on Internet to socialize and chat. Even the regular Internet users also spend time on online chats and social networks (it is also true that some avoid their important works for chats :P). There are a lot of chat programs used on web by people, but the top two of those are Gmail and Facebook chat.

Do you know all emoticons on these two programs? We have already covered the list of Facebook Chat Emoticons, and here comes the complete list of all Gmail Chat Emoticons and smilies, including the old as well as the new animated ones:

Smiley Name Classic Round Square New Smiley Code
Heart/Love <3
Poop ~@~
Monkey :(|)
You Rock m/
Shocked :-o
Grin :D
Frown :(
Angry x-(
Cool B-)
Cry :'(
Equal Grin =D
Wink ;)
Straight Face :-|
Equal Smile =)
Nose Grin :-D
Big Nose ;^)
Nose Wink ;-)
Nose Smile :-)
Slant :-/
Tongue :P
Cowbell +/’
Crab V.v.V
Devil }:-)
Equal Sad =(
Equal Slant =/
Equal Tongue =P
Nose Sad :-(
Smile :)
Wince >.<
Nose Tongue :-P
Pig :(:)
Broken Heart </3
Kiss :-x
Kiss Star :*
Moustache :{
Robot [:|]

Note: Most of the Gmail emoticons do not work perfectly on Google Talk.

I hope you find this list useful and worthy bookmarking. If you have discovered any secret Gmail emoticons, do share with us. Also see Gmail keyboard shortcuts and Google Search Shortcuts to save your time.