If you own an Android powered Mobile / Tablet Device and have lots of applications installed on it, then you might want to clear the Data Cache (outdated or unused files/saved information) of various Applications (Apps), in order to free up some space on internal/external storage of your Android Device.

Clearing the Application (App) Data Cache in Android is very easy. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

1. On the Android Home Screen, hit the Menu Button and then navigate to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications.

2. Here select the ALL Tab and you will now see a list of ALL Android Applications which you downloaded and installed via Android Market or by means of .apk files manually, along with the names of ALL those Applications which came pre-installed with your Android Mobile/Tablet Device:

 android installed applications

3. Now, select the Application whose Data Cache you want to clear. You will be presented with the following screen:

android clear data cache

4. Hit the Clear Cache Button and the Android OS will clear the cache files stored on your Device of any particular application. If you also want to clear ALL stored Data of any particular application, hit the Clear Data Button. After you hit the Clear Data Button, you will be presented with following confirmation message:

clear app data android

All Information you have saved in this Application will be deleted permanently

Note: If you Clear the Data Cache of any Application installed on your Mobile/Tablet Device, all previously Saved/Stored Information will be wiped out from the Application instantly! Example: Saved Passwords!

Additional Tips:

  • On the same page, where you can find Clear Data and Clear Cache Buttons for any particular Application, you will also find Move to SD Card and Uninstall Buttons. If any particular application or it’s data is taking too much space on your Phone’s/Tablet’s Internal Storage, then you may want to move it to the External SD Card (provided that the App works flawlessly even after moving all its data and core files to an external SD Card). Using the Uninstall Button, you can instantly Uninstall/Remove ANY Application, including all of its Cache and Data from your Android Device.
  • Manually Clearing the Data Cache of each and every application installed on your Device can be pain! For clearing the Data Cache, History Cache and other unused files/information which consumes unnecessary space on external SD Card/internal Storage, you can try out Applications like 1 Tap Cleaner, 1-click Cleaner, Easy Uninstaller, App 2 SD etc. – These applications can perform batch operations just by a single press/tap on a button!