I recently stumbled upon this error message on Google Chrome running on Windows 7, that says “This Webpage has a redirect loop”. I was logging into my Gmail when I saw this.

I then tried doing the same thing on Firefox and successfully logged into Gmail without throwing any erros. That made one thing clear: there is nothing wrong with Gmail, the problem is on the client-side, with Chrome perhaps.

Redirect loop error on Chrome
This is how the error looks like. Chrome marks it as Error 310

Why I am so sure it’s Chrome’s fault

The redirect loop problem may also arise if there is something wrong in the redirection of the website you are requesting (Gmail in this case). As I’ve tested the same site on a different browser, and found no problems on the server-side, that made me conclude it is something to do with Chrome.

Chrome labels this problem as Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS). If it’s not the server fault, then it must be browser cookies who are the guilty party.

Those of you who’ve considered this as a virus or malware, relax. It’s not.

What’s the FIX

Assuming it’s not a server fault, here is the gist of my research.

Please make sure your system has the correct date and time. If not, please correct and then recheck if it solves the problem or not.

Moving ahead, if you have correct date and time and still seeing the error, this problem arrives most often with Gmail (or a similar service) on Chrome logged in with multiple accounts. You should make sure where the problem is, by requesting the erring website in Chrome’s incongnito mode, and/or using a different browser.

If you look at the suggestion Chrome gives with the error 310, you already know what it takes. Yes, you’re getting right, flush the cookies.

Clearing cookies on Chrome

If you feel you need to more about cookies and site data on Chrome, this document can be helpful.

  1. In Google Chrome, click on the menu icon on the top right corner as shown below in the screenshot:
    Chrome Settings option

    Click the Settings options from the dropdown so appeared.

  2. A new tab will be opened. Click on the Content Settings button there.
    Chrome Content Settings
  3. You now have the Content Settings dialog opened. Click on the All cookies and site data button in there.
    Managing cookies and site data on Chrome
  4. Finally, in the dialog so obtained, click the Remove All button on top as shown below:
    Removing all cookies on Chrome

    You’ve successfully removed or cleared cookies on Chrome.

Now try to reload the site that has encountered the problem, it should load without causing the error. If the error repeats, you should contact the site owner regarding this problem. If you are the owner of the erring website, and don’t know how to get out of this, you should open a thread at Google product forums.