There has been flooding of Tablet devices in market over the past 1-2 years. Many leading gadget companies have launched their Tablet devices with different features and prices. In India too, the launch of Aakash, the cheapest tablet device (costing approx. Rs. 2,999 / $66.88), has waged the war in the pocket friendly Tablet PC market. This launch plethora has made users confused about choosing the perfect Tablet device for them.

Although Aakash is good for first experience, however it disappoints the advance users. This post throws light on the Tablets available in market, and will help you choosing the one which suits your pocket and personality the best.

Big Apple: iPad

Apple iPad

The fantastic features of iPad make it the king in the Tablet market. It’s interface is tremendous from the other competing Tablets in the market. The sleek design of the current version, iPad 2, makes it a hot product.

They have also launched a mini version of iPad, called iPad Mini with a beautiful 7.9″ screen. Also, you have numerous handy applications available for iPad and iPad Mini on the Apple store.

The minor drawbacks of iPad last nowhere in front of it’s user experience. Hardly would any person be dissatisfied with it’s interface. It is the style icon and the best choice for youngsters, technocrats and people looking for something different.

Pros: Awesome Interface and Design, App Store, strong Battery life.
Cons: No Flash memory support, storage limitations.
Price: Rs. 28,000-47,000 / $572-960

Buy iPad 2 Buy iPad Mini

Big Screen: Android

Android Tablets

Be it SmartPhone or Tablet, Android has captured the market. Android Tablets, which operates on Android HoneyComb OS, are considered to be the best alternative to iPad. Most of the Android Tablets like Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, Notion Ink Adams etc. are available with 10.1 inches display, a Dual core processor and a fabulous camera output. The 1 GHz Dual Core processor in Android Tablets makes the multitasking process faster. Some Android Tablets also come with a keyboard and a USB port. Apps for Android Tabs can be downloaded from Google App Store.

Android Tablets are best for those who are looking for a strong alternative to iPad.

Pros: More ports and connectivity options, browsing and Social networking powered, strong Battery life.
Cons: Less application than iPad, Problems in updating.
Price: Rs. 21,000-35000 / $429-715

Smart and Compact: 7 inch Tablets

BlackBerry Tablets

Many users complain that iPad and Android Tablets are hard to carry as they are heavy and big-dimensioned. For such people, 7 inch tablets are the best alternative, which are light-weight and can be carried along with in pocket! These are slightly bigger than a SmartPhone. If users can compromise with the display, then it is a good option and you may think to prefer it over your smartphone also.

Except Blackberry Playbook, all the major 7 inch Tablets are available in Android, among which HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab are popular.

Pros: Easy to carry, good alternative to SmartPhone, Downloadable Apps.
Cons: Expensive.
Price: Rs. 26,000-35,000 / $531-715

Budget Tablets

Budget tablets

Budget Tablets have already waged the war in the Tablet PC market and this segment is getting hotter day-by-day. The common users who do not prefer the high-performance Tablets like iPad and Galaxy Tab, may try the Budget Tablets. Some of the popular budget tabs are Reliance 3G, Beetel, HCL ME, iBall, Spice MY, Magic and OlivePad.

Akash will be the next one in the list, which is still not available in the market (know how to buy Aakash Tablet. You may read Aakash Review to explore more about it or watch it’s video reviews.

Update: More cheap tablets! Check out Lava ETab Xtron, Simmtronics XTAB X1010, ACi Icon 1100 and BSNL Penta tabs.

Most of these tablets are available with 7 inch display, USB support, 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The processor may vary from 600 MHz, 800 MHz to 1 GHz. When it comes to performance, they last nowhere in front of Performance Tablets like iPad and Android. The users who do not like to spend much but still want to experience Tablet PC can go for these Budget Tablets.

Pros: Low price, Android Handset interface, Downloadable apps.
Cons: Low performance, normal design, low Battery life.
Price: Rs. 9,000-15,000 / $184-306

Note: Listed prices are subject to change.