If you are a BSNL user, have you ever felt the need to check speed of BSNL Broadband Internet connection? Well, people require to check Broadband connection speed to know server uptime and downtime and use service tools or external services to do so. Apart from BSNL broadband plans, the speed of your BSNL Broadband connection depends on it’s server performance which vary according to the nodal distance, congestion, load and Hardware health. You might have used some external services like SpeedTest to check speed of your Broadband, but how about checking it directly from BSNL servers, which will be the more reliable data when compared to an external service? Here comes how to do that.

Check BSNL Broadband Speed using BSNL Bandwidth Meter

BSNL now provides the facility to check BSNL Broadband Speed online without making use of any external service or application – you don’t even need to provide your Portal ID or anything else to do so. All you have to do is just visit a link on your Broadband connection and see the speed of your connection directly, in one go!

This facility is known as Bandwidth Meter and explores the bandwidth or speed of your BSNL Internet Connection. It displays the IP of your connection followed by the Data transfer rate or browsing speed in Kbps or Mbps and downloading speed in MB or KB per second (KB/sec). See the below screenshot showing how all it appears.

check bsnl broadband speed

It’s one more good step by BSNL to improve it’s services and interaction with users. You can visit below given links to check your BSNL Broadband speed directly:

You can use any of the above links, doesn’t matter in which BSNL zone or node in India your connection lies. Also see how to change BSNL Broadband plans online.